Monday, July 23, 2007



Here's another killer record from Holland! If you're lookin' for one of the Disorders from the U.K. you've come to the wrong place, Chachi. Damn, how many good Dutch punk records were there in the KBD years?! Too goddamn many! Ivy Green, Mollesters, Helmettes, Flyin' Spiderz... the list goes on and on and on. Disorder is a somewhat more obscure one that was sadly not included in 1996's great I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It comp CD (booted on vinyl as Killed By Epitaph double LP in '98, natch). This EP was listed in the Dutch punk discography in the Het Gejuich Was Massal book also from '96. This book is full of lots of nice pictures and what appear to be various stories and anecdotes from the old Dutch scene but I can't call the book "great", though, because it's all in Dutch and I can't read a lick of it (aside from the discography).

The Disorder EP is real tense record with especially great sharp guitar noodling, a singer with a cool vocal style and a touch of artiness, especially on "Glass Eye Threat" (my favorite cut). Nice paranoid lyrics add to the tension. As does the picture sleeve artwork for that matter. There's six songs on the EP- I've included the best of the lot, although all the tracks are pretty good except for one semi-clunker which of course is not included here. The above scan looks grainy because I don't have a vinyl copy of the record and I had to "borrow" a picture of the sleeve from the Het Gejuich Was Massal discography. The EP is rare enough, but sleeved copies are apparently extremely rare so if you own one with PS you definitely have a "cumstain across your record collection". Congratulations!

Glass Eye Threat
Balance of Power

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