Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Platinum Blonde


If you remember Platinum Blonde from the 80’s, you may be asking “What the fuck are they doing here?!?” They evolved into this horrible band that got really big in Canada in the 80’s and had all the trappings of that sad era-- hair-sprayed manes of hair, embarrassing clothes, etc (see photo below). BUT this very first record of theirs, released on their own label, is a superb very catchy, kinda poppy record that is wimpy in all the right ways. I don’t enjoy much poppy stuff, but I think both sides of this 7” are wonderful, especially "Hey Hey You"- dig the bass plucking throughout the tune and the cool middle part where the drums pounds away- that's what I'm talkin about! I have been in love with this single since someone (thanks B.C.) first taped it for me about ten years ago.
I doubt that they released it on their own label so they could support any sort of DIY ethic-- I am guessing that this 7” served as Platinum Blonde’s “calling card” to major labels so they could get a big record deal and all that crap. This 7” is rare as hell (and therefore expensive as hell too)- if you have a spare copy that you want to give away, please consider me a worthy recipient. I ripped these mp3’s from my cassette copy, so these will not be “audiophile” quality and may not sound too good on your five grand stereo and/or your $1,000, noise-cancelling headphones. But, as the Screamin’ Mee Mees famously said on the back of their 1st EP, “Play loud on cheap stereo”. (Or “cheap CPU”, to kind of update it for 2007…)

Here is Platinum Blonde a few years later in the 80's when they sucked... (well, now that I look again at the cover of the 1st great 7", I guess they didn't look much better then either...)